About Us

Riverside Manufacturing Company, established in 1911, has consistently provided the highest quality products available to companies all over America. Since that time, the company has become a worldwide leader in the uniform industry.

Headquartered in Moultrie, Georgia, Riverside sells in all 50 of the United States, as well as many other countries. Riverside warehouses products In Atlanta, Georgia and Moultrie, Georgia.

Riverside’s Flame Resistant products are tailored to meet the specific needs of the following customers:
• Rural Electric Cooperatives
• Investor Owned Utility Companies
• Electricians covered under NFPA 70E

Bold new products, designed with the ultimate consumer's safety and comfort, have created a successful market in the growing FR segment.

The Public Safety Division's brand is Right Image. The division markets to small community police departments, sheriff's offices, fire departments, and emergency medical departments.

Riverside Manufacturing Company, the parent company, has a wide customer Base that includes Fortune 500 companies who recognize that quality products and services are, in the long run, a better value.

Riverside maintains domestic production capacity in company-owned plants. This allows us to be very responsive when a customer has immediate uniform requirements.

Embroidery is done in-house. Hundreds of embroidery heads are currently in service in our United States facilities. Custom designed emblems can be attached to uniforms according to customer specification.

Riverside territory managers cover all 50 states. Their primary goal is assuring customer satisfaction.

We respond quickly to feedback from our customers. We provide a prepaid customer response form, addressed to our CEO, with every shipment. Any substandard rating requires a contact by a company vice-president.

We have the largest quality control laboratory in the uniform industry. With our own lab, we are able to evaluate new products, set benchmarks for approved products, and monitor quality compliance throughout the life cycle of the product.

Riverside pioneered the addition of a unique serialized number which is permanently affixed to each garment. This allows tracking at every step in manufacturing and distribution, which substantially increases accountability and quality.

Riverside is known for its superior garment quality and for its dedicated employees who enjoy working with customers. This is the secret to our successfully attracting and maintaining major national and international uniform programs.

We have, by far, the highest customer retention rate in the uniform industry. Customer satisfaction is the central theme of a philosophy that begins in the boardroom and continues in the field.